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Curtis William Readel had a show in Brooklyn last week which involved work consisting of bags of shredded money from the US Treasury and recreating exaggerations of printed pieces. Although he is not the first artist to work with currency or recreate historic imagery, his work is intriguing and is definitely worth a second look. Especially some of his print work.

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Snoop Dogg... Snoop agreed to be styled in classic “Rat Pack” Sammy Davis style for this shoot... He was brilliant!

To Lust: Mark Humphrey

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Donna Cleary is in a recent exhibition entitled True Love Is Fleeting. Cleary's exhibited work focuses on the time in a relationship when love is no longer the focus, and possibly no longer present. Her use of faceless subjects allows the viewer to focus on the body chemistry between the models. The emotions of each character seems even more present with the absence of facial reactions. The tension in each pose and each muscle is obvious and articulated with ease.

To Lust: Donna Cleary
To Lust: MoCo 

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Although these aren't the most dramatic or refined kicks we've ever seen, what they lack in design they make up for in imagination. The Converse All Star Owari-Shippo Hi comes with pink detailing and a yellow/pink/blue upper on the top of the heel. The area of the sneaker that is pale yellow glows in the dark and the leather detailing remains black. Glow in the dark sneakers seem to be the rave at the moment but Converse's classic design make this juxtaposition work. This sneaker is available at Undefeated Tokyo Chapter Stores.

To Lust: sneakhype

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Bjorn Borg first launched a Love for All campaign in which they approached lonely hearts with the first dating site ever; promising 100% guaranteed success in finding happily-ever after type of love. But for the Spring 09 season, the international fashion brand is now offering the ultimate relationship test to those whom are questioning their love connection-DON’T MAKE UP-BREAK UP!

Swedish fashion brand, Bjorn Borg counter intuitively plays on LOVE for their spring 09 ad campaigns! When most are promoting spring flings and the trend of romance, the irreverent underwear brand will launch new advertising spreads of bold and vivid backdrops that depict emotional BREAK UP scenes-(image below). Moreover, the print ads will endorse the Inauguration of International BREAK UP DAY (Friday Feb. 13th), a day which encourages ending loveless relationships and incompatible matches. Bjorn Borg believes breaking up in the name of ‘Love for All”, the more breaks the more singles to mingle.

To Lust: Bjorn Borg

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House With A Capsule won the Grand Prix for Architecture of the Year in Silesia Region in 2006. This building is situated in the industrial area of Poland and it's been designed for an indigent family, which appreciates its functionality, as well as low maintenance and construction cost. This architectural firm is outstanding and they do both housing and public buildings. If I had the green they would definitely construct my new pad. 

Architects: KWK PROMES
Location: Poland
Project Architect: Robert Konieczny
Structural Engineer: Marian Goczoł
Design Year: 2001

To Lust: Kanye

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Sebastian Errazuriz has a variety of designs in both fashion and furniture.  One of his most interesting creations comes in the form of a limited edition piece of apparel, Dress N3. This dress consists strictly of pieces of fabric that can be attached, and more importantly, unattached by zippers. A girl can choose how much of her figure she wants to display or flaunt depending on her mood. Although it is probably a hassle to zip the whole thing together, the wearer does have complete control over the look.

To Lust: Fabrik

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