No luck Henry (Luke Wilson), who left home and moved to the suburbs, where the idea is to give the complete solitude and serenity.

The problem is that in the neighborhood, which falls neighbor is Esperanza (Adriana Baraza). But unfortunately his character finds a “stain” on his house, which according to her is a sign of Jesus Christ Himself.

Well, here begins and suffering hero Poole, who instead of solitude, must meet everyone’s attention, devoted to hope.
The film’s “Henry Poole is Here” and director Mark Pellington managed very accurate look of the comic side of blind faith, human shortcomings not ruled out the idea that nothing is impossible.

Pellington is the author of “Messages from the darkness,” and some of the episodes of “Cold files” so to recreate the invisible supernatural on screen is not foreign.

In its history this director will put on the scales really important things in life, as a tribute to the power hidden in man. And for this to happen, he will meet his hero Henry pessimist with a little girl and his lonely mother (Radha Mitchell), who will rearrange its priorities.